Navigating the Alliances Module

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 7th, 2022

Alliances Module 

Selecting Alliances offers a view of all “Alliances” that are entered into FCOS with an “Active” status.


  1. Search Bar
  2. Franchisor/Franchisee selection (drop-down menu)
  3. “#” Tag Filter Bar
  4. Add Filters (pop-up)
  5. Select Visible Columns
  6. Create/Save/Share – View w/Applied Filters
  1. Export View (.csv file)
    1.   - Export “All Columns” or “Selected Columns”
  1. “Create” a new Alliance
  2. Visible Columns
  3. Number of Entries Shown (selectable)
  4. Back to Top (of page)
  5. Next/Previous Page Navigation


Alliances Columns

The comprehensive Alliances view includes the following default columns:


Column Description
Quick action to Edit
NAME Lead name and drop-down menu to assign Lead to person (name/email)
FRANCHISOR Indicates the affiliated Franchisor of Alliance 


Creating a new Alliance

The alliances that appear within the “Alliances for…” list are entered directly from the “Alliances” page by clicking , in the top right-hand corner of the screen. A form appears with the following required (*) fields (with additional optional fields see image below):

  • Type
    1. Franchisor
    2. Alliance
    3. Franchisee
    4. Customer
  • Parent
    1. This will be the Franchisor
  • Company Name
  • Primary Email Address
  • Primary Phone Number


Alliance Form/Management Page

Once an alliance is created, you can manage the “Alliance” by clicking on it from the Alliances list. Here is a breakdown of the Alliance management page:

  1. Quick Action Menu (from left to right)
    1. Purchase
    2. Create a Note
    3. Send an Email
    4. Make a Call
    5. Send a Text Message
    6. Edit General information (view provided below)
    7. Add Tag
  1. Record Navigation
  1. “Alliance” Menu
    1. General Information – Alliance’s information card
  2. “Activities” Menu
    1. All Activity – Logs all actions taken with lead and who performed each action
    2. Notes – Logs all notes made on lead and who added
    3. Emails – Logs all email communications (including all content)
    4. Calls – Logs all calls made corresponding to entry
    5. Text Messages – Logs all text messages made to/from corresponding entry
    6. File Change Log – Logs all changes or additions made to a file (by a user)
    7. Log External Activity – Platform to enter all external communication with lead
  1. email
  2. call
  3. text
  4. event
  1. Custom Fields (these are created via Settings>Custom Fields)
  1. Files
    1. All Files – Repository of files corresponding to lead
  2. Forms  
    1. Submissions – Record of forms submitted to lead
  1. Parent – Franchisor contact card
  2. “Discard/Save Changes” Buttons