Get to Know the Franchisees Module

Getting Started

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 7th, 2022

Who are Franchisees?

Franchisees have licensed the right to operate as a representative of a franchise from a franchisor. Franchisees and Leads for potential franchisees are sought out by franchisors to grow their brand after conducting market research and ensuring the potential franchisee meets certain criteria. 


FranchiCzar OS features the Franchisees module, giving franchisors a one-stop shop for franchisee and franchisee lead management and tracking. We know, as a franchisor, you and your team being on the same page and managing the growth of your brand is very important and the FCOS is here to assist you in reaching that goal.    

Why Should I use Franchisees Module?

Increasing your ability to be productive and decreasing the amount of time you spend moving between applications is a chief driving factor in the design and functionality of FCOS. The Franchisees module is no different. Having all your potential (Leads) and current Franchisees displayed in customizable views plus the functionality to create New Custom List[s]. You also have My Leads, a view that displays only the Leads you have personally entered and manage.   


Getting Started

The FranchiCzar OS Franchisees is available via the vertical menu (left-side) within the FCOS platform.



When you select Franchisees (left-hand vertical menu), a menu expands to display the various Franchisees functions. 


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