Creating a 'Customer Transaction' Workflow

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 26th, 2023

Customer Transactions

Handling purchases is the bread and butter of your business. Your POS system manages transactions and transaction history but setting up an Automation to send your customer a digital receipt inspires confidence and peace of mind. 

This document covers how to create a Workflow to send an email after a purchase is completed.

Step 1: Name/Add Trigger

First, we’ll give the workflow an applicable name and set its Trigger. Since this is pertaining to a customer transaction we need to make sure the Trigger happens after a purchase order is paid and the nodeType = Customer. Here is what the trigger will look like:


Step 2: Action, Send Email

Now that we have the trigger configured, let’s set up the action; “Send an email” containing the customer's purchase information and thanking them for their business. To begin click 1637160193866-1637160193866.pngand select Send an email from the drop-down menu.


We created an email template called “Purchase Order Payment Receipt” for this. The TO field is defaulted to “the triggering customer node” (which is correct); ensure you have made your selection within the FROM drop-down. Then we configured the settings to have our shared Company email be the email composer (used in the signature):



Step 3: Save

After you’ve reviewed all your “Actions” and “Triggers”, click Save or Save Draft.

Save Draft vs. Save

Saving will publish the workflow and begin immediately. Saving it as a draft will keep your changes but the workflow remains idle until published. 



Completed Workflow