Creating Workflows (General)

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Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 8th, 2022


Having a template is great, but do you have the resources or time to send the email to each lead manually? Email templates become powerful when you tell FCOS Automations what to do with them. Workflows are exactly this: a series of performed actions when a certain event (known as a trigger) occurs, and conditions are met. 

You can find Workflows under "Automation" in FranchiCzar OS. 


Workflows Landing Page

Let’s break down what this page shows:

  • Show inactive workflows
    1. Displays workflows that are deactivated (default on)
  • Show drafts
    1. Displays workflows that have not yet been published (default on)
  • Company
    1. Companies are the franchises or franchisees you are part of. This will default to “All”, but you can show workflows for only a specific franchise or franchisee by selecting one from the drop-down.
  • Workflow Columns
    1. Name
      • The name of the workflow
    2. Company/User
      • The franchise/franchisee’s workflow and user who created it
    3. Trigger
      • What starts the workflow
    4. Conditions
      • What criteria must be met to trigger the workflow

Basic Workflow Structure

Workflows consist of three basic parts, “triggers”, “conditions”, and “actions”. For example, let’s say you want to set up a Workflow to automatically respond to a new Lead. Here is how these three workflow elements function:

  • The trigger is when the Lead enters the system
  • The condition is that the Lead "Type" = "Customer"
    • This will be the default for Leads that come in for a Franchisee's Facility
  • The action is to send a "Welcome" email to the Lead

All of these occur because the trigger and condition were true. The Lead would not trigger this workflow if they were not a Customer. Workflows only initiate when your triggers and conditions are true. 

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