Get to Know 'Timelines'

Getting Started

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 25th, 2023

What are Timelines?

As you work toward any number of your business goals, it is pivotal that everyone involved is on the same page. Creating and tracking specific milestones is likely already a part of your business process for project/program kickoffs, financial planning, and/or goal tracking, to name a few. 

The FranchiCzar OS has a tool to handle this for you, Timelines! Set up your own milestone checklists to track your business goals, using Timelines.  

Why Should I use Timelines?

Utilizing the FCOS tool "Timelines", fully integrates your milestone processes all in one place. This tool cuts the amount of time and keystrokes you would otherwise use switching between any number of programs. 

Getting Started

Expand the “Automations” menu via the vertical menu (left-side) to find the Timelines feature.

Learn More About Timelines…

To learn more about setting up your own timelines check out the related articles (below) or search for "timelines" within the help.FCOS homepage Search Bar. 


Snapshot of Timelines

Now we can have a quick flyover of the Timelines tool and some of its features. 

Timeline List

Quickly navigate through your Timelines to click in and make edits or start a new one by clicking the Create A Timeline button.

Create A Timeline

Get started with a new Timeline, simply provide a Name, Description, and Assign the Timeline to a company type (e.g. Franchisor, Franchisee, Facility, etc.).  

Building A Timeline

Start building, by adding Milestones and tasks to each Milestone. You can also set up Automations and Workflows to run, as your Timeline progresses. The possibilities are endless!