Lead Status Change

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 2nd, 2022

Changing a Lead's Status

You know how to enter a Lead in FCOS but might still be asking, how do I change that status of a Lead for an Alliance, Franchisee, and/or Customer to "Active" or any other status? Good news! You are able to do this directly from the Lead's (or "My Leads" for Franchisees) "General Information" page.


Opening a Lead for Status Change

Depending on the lead type (e.g. Alliance, Franchisee, or Customer), you want to expand the menu (left-side vertical menu) and click on Leads. This displays all your lead entries in the main FCOS window pane. 

Selecting a Lead

Now you want to select a specific lead whose status needs updating. For our example, we are selecting Linda Sue Brady, a "Customer Lead" (see image below). 

Selecting a new Status

After clicking on the "lead", you are now viewing your lead's General Information card. To the right of "Sales Status" is a drop-down menu. Expand this menu to display the available statuses and select a new status

They are a Customer now but, where do I find them? 

Changing a "Sales Status" affects how to navigate back to someone. For example, after changing a "Lead" to "Active" you will now find them by clicking on the "Customer" or "Franchisee" options, respectively. 



Your ‘Sales Statuses’

The options from this drop-down are configured from Sales Statuses within the "Settings" menu. 


Confirming Change

Once you select a new status, a confirmation ("Convert") box appears. If the selection you made is correct click Convert to complete the change. 

Confirming the Change

You will only need to confirm a conversion if the Status is changed from a Lead status to either Active or Closed.



You have successfully converted your Lead's status!