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Getting Started

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 7th, 2022

What are Alliances?

Building relationships with other businesses that work to benefit both parties, is a part of growing most brands. Being able to track the progress of those relationships helps in this process by knowing where everyone stands and who might need a little more contact. This are how business Alliances are built. 


Within FranchiCzar OS you are able to use our features to input, track, communicate, and automate all of your current and potential Alliances.    

Why Should I use Alliances?

Tracking your alliances from their status as a Lead to when they become active allows you to grow your business with confidence. Taking advantage of the full power of FCOS, you are able to use FCOS Automations to schedule follow-up emails (or other communications) and/or send yourself or your team reminders.  


Getting Started

The FranchiCzar OS Alliances module is available via the vertical menu (left-side) within the FCOS platform.



When you select Alliances (left-hand vertical menu), a menu expands to display the various Alliances functions. We cover these functions in separate articles (link below). 


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