Get to Know the Facilities Module

Getting Started

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 26th, 2023

What are Facilities?

"Facilities" is the default naming convention, within FranchiCzar OS, for your business storefronts. We say "default" because Franchisors are able to rename this module to match their brand. For instance, if you use the term "Stores" for your locations, this can be renamed from "Facilities" to "Stores".   

Why Should I use Facilities?

Simply put, this module provides you with a quick view of all your locations. Use "Facilities" to keep track of the records on all your locations including their financials, any communications (inbound/outbound), and any other custom data point you want or need to track.  

FCOS assists you with tracking what is vital to running your business.  

Getting Started

Clicking on the Facilities option from the expanded “Facilities” menu displays a comprehensive list of all facilities associated with a specific brand (Franchisor) or Franchisee.


  1. Search Bar
  2. Franchisee selection (drop-down menu)
  3. Sale Status selection (filter menu)
  4. “#” Tag Filter Bar
  5. Add Filters (pop-up)
  6. Select Visible Columns
  7. Create/Save/Share – View w/Applied Filters
  1. Export View (.csv file)
    1. - Export “All Columns” or “Selected Columns”
  1. “Create” a new Facility
  2. Visible Columns
  3. Number of Entries Shown (selectable)
  4. Back to Top (of page)
  5. Next/Previous Page Navigation

Facilities Columns

The comprehensive Facilities view includes the following default columns:

Column Description

Expandable menu providing quick actions for the user. Including,

  • Edit
  • View Customers
  • Calendar
  • Goal Calculator
  • Financial Reports

A unique identifier corresponding to a facility/location and utilized by the Franchisor, via a pubic website, for sorting leads to each facility/location. These are typically broken down as,


  • U.S.A - Franchise (abv)-State (abv)-City (ex. xx-tx-houston; xx-ca-los-angeles)
  • Abroad – Franchise (abv)-City-Provence/County (avb)-Country (abv) (ex. xx-airdrie-ab-ca; xx-amersham-bkm-uk)
NAME The location of the facility (ex. HoustonTX)
FRANCHISEE Name of the holding group for the franchise (ex. AcmeLLC)


Sort Column Data

Users may sort columns alphabetically (ascending/descending) by clicking the column’s “NAME”.




Clicking the vertical ellipsis under the “ACTIONS” column expands the actions menu (image below).  This menu provides you with several quick links corresponding to each facility entry.


Adjusting Visible Columns

The standard visible Facilities’ columns are “Actions”, “Slug”, “Name”, and “Franchisee” but you can customize your visible columns by clicking A picture containing graphical user interface
        Description automatically generated from the bar in the top right-hand of your window. Simply click/unclick the check box next to the desired column and exit the window.

Applying Filters

To apply “Filters” to the Facilities list, navigate to the upper right-hand of the screen in click on the Filters Icon Icon
        Description automatically generated. You now have a pop-up module (image below) where you “Add a Condition” (aka Filter) to your Facilities list.

Adding Filter Conditions

Click on to expand the filters selection menu.

From the drop-down menu select your filter criteria and click when you are satisfied.


The drop-down menus adjust according to the primary filter criteria. For example, in the example above the primary criterion is “State” and you are able to select specific states. If the primary criteria were “Country” your menu options are then limited to only selecting a country.  


Saving View

You can save a view that includes your custom filters and columns by clicking from the bar at the top right-hand side of your screen. The “New Custom List” will keep all the filters you already have applied and/or you can change/add/delete your selections directly from this screen.

When you are satisfied with your custom list click . This list is now directly available from the vertical menu beneath Facilities.