Franchisee, POS Item Management (non-subscribable)

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 12th, 2022

Manage Items

Having a comprehensive list of your franchise's items, goods, products, and/or services makes tracking what your facilities sell and what your customers buy a lifeline to success. FranchiCzar OS not only offers you the functionality to manage all your item in one place but also the functionality to filter items with precision. 

Manage Items Page

Franchisees  "manage" items through the Point of Sale menu within FCOS. Expand the “Point of Sale” menu and click on the Manage Items option.  

Permission Levels & Your View

The two menus (above) are the POS menu for a Franchisee with and without the "Franchisees can create their own items?" option toggled on (left) and off (right). 


Clicking on the "Manage Items" option loads a window listing all your items. This window contains several filters, here is a breakdown of each of them:

Filter Description

Used to filter items "Subscription" based:

  • None - Not a Subscription item 
  • Allowed - Selling this item as a Subscription is allowed
  • Required - Selling this item as a Subscription is required
Item Is Required

Used to filter items marked as "Required":

  • Required - Franchisee is Required to sell the item 
  • Not Required - Franchisee is not Required to sell the item  
Created By Used to filter items Created By by either the Franchisor or the Franchisee 

Used to filter items by their status (created by Franchisee):

  • Approved - Item is Approved and sellable 
  • Denied - Item is Denied and not sellable (marked with "Item Rejection" reason)
  • Waiting - Item is awaiting Franchisor approval/denial 

Item Management Actions

There is one (1) button found in the far right column ("Actions"), Edit used to edit the details of the POS item.

Some Minor Differences

The Franchisor and Franchisee (shown above) Item Management pages are the same except for the Archive action 1634677023858-1634677023858.png, reserved for Franchisors and items created by the Franchisee.


Editing Franchisor Created Items 

Clicking on the button brings you to the "Edit Item" window. From this window, you can edit the fields displayed within the (green) box below and Save them after completing your changes. 

As you can see below, a big red box is used to notify you what fields must be addressed before this item can be sold. Let's run through the process of how to get your items from this state into your POS. 

Franchisor Settings for Items

If your Franchisor has toggled the Can change item name? option on, you will also be able to edit the item's name. 



Step 1: Selecting a Default Unit Price

The Franchisor has input both a "Required Range" and "Suggested Price" for this item. You need to input a price within this range or use the Suggested Price.

Default vs. Facility Pricing

The Default Unit Price entered here is NOT the price specific to a Facility. Facility Unit Pricing is addressed below. 


Step 2: Applying Applicable Taxes 

Any taxes you have set up (from the "Taxes" option within the POS menu) are displayed below where you enter your "Unit Price". Use the checkboxes to apply any Applicable Taxes. As you can see here, we checked the “Sample Sales Tax” available.  

Step 3: Adding a Facility(ies) 

Now you can select the facility (facilities) this item will be sold. Click the button to launch the Select facility to add modal; from here use the dropdown menu to select/search for a facility and Save

Step 4: Selecting Facility(ies) Unit Price

You will now have a new red notification box asking you to "modify the unit price" for this specific Facility (i.e. the Sample Facility we added). 

Again you need to input a Unit Price that applies to the sale of this item at this "Facility" and check the box for any Applicable Taxes.  

Removing a Facility

You undoubtedly will notice the big red button to Remove 'Sample Facility'. If you need to remove a facility from an item, this is the button to do so. 


Step 5: Saving Your Changes

Check back over your changes and click 1636392826181-1636392826181.png when you are satisfied. You can always go back into this item to make any adjustments or add more facilities.

Editing Franchisee Created Items 

Clicking on the Edit button brings you to the "Edit Item" window. For items you have created you have the ability to edit all of the fields and Save them after completing your changes. 

Franchisor Approvals 

Notice the green banner! This indicates the Franchisor has the permission setting for item creation toggled to "Requires Approval". Any changes to the item will require approval. (If you do not see this banner the Franchisor does not have this setting ON.)