Get to Know Point of Sale

Getting Started

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 11th, 2023

What is Point of Sale?

Point of Sale systems is a fixture of all our monetary transactions. Using a self-checkout, handing items/money to a cashier, and buying things online are just a few examples of everyday uses and interactions with a POS.

Within FranchiCzar OS, Point of Sale gives Franchisors, Franchisees, and Facilities the ability to Create, Manage, and sell their items and services to customers.

Why Should I use Point of Sale?

Adding your items to the POS system allows you to quickly perform transactions with customers for the exchange of products and services.   

Getting Started

The FranchiCzar OS Point of Sale is available via the vertical menu (left-side) within FCOS.

Do you see POS?

If you do not see "Point of Sale", from this menu, then it has not been enabled for use. Please reach out to your Support Specialist if you believe this is in error. 


Point of Sale 

Upon clicking Point of Sale (left-hand vertical menu), a menu expands to display the various POS functions. We cover these functions in the POS "Related Articles" below.

What are Your POS Settings?

The "Create Item" and "Manage Item" options are only available to Franchisees if the Franchisor has toggled this function on within the "POS Settings" menu. 


POS Settings, for Franchisors

POS Settings (image below) provides Franchisors the flexibility to grant Franchisees various permissions corresponding to product management. According to the permissions granted, Franchisees have access to Products created by the Franchisor and the ability to price these products for their Facilities.

Continue Your Knowledge…

For an overview of the Permission Settings (displayed above) and all Configuration Settings pertaining to the "POS Settings", see the "Navigating Franchisor POS Settings" article. You can find articles breaking down each setting within the Franchisors' Settings subcategory.