Overview of POS Settings

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Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 12th, 2022

Point of Sale Settings

When you select POS Settings (left-hand vertical menu under "Settings"), you see the “POS Settings” landing page. This is where you (Franchisors) apply your “Permission Settings” pertaining to products sold by Franchisees. Additionally, you will see a number of "Configuration Settings" pertaining to the POS (outlined in the sections below).  

Updating Permission Settings

Franchisors may choose to toggle these settings on and off according to a Franchisee's level of permissions within the POS. Once the Franchisees can create their own items? option is toggled on (image below), two more options appear. With each option toggled on Franchisees will have more functionality unlocked for creating and managing POS items. 

Permission Settings Breakdown

Each toggle switch within the “POS Settings” page affects a Franchisee's ability to manage, create, and/or customize products within the Point of Sale. Here is a breakdown of each switch:

Setting Description
Franchisees can create their own items? If disabled, the "Create Item" menu is not visible to Franchisee
Franchisees can create subscribable items? If disabled, Franchisee is not able to create a product with the "Subscribable" property (The "Franchisees can create their own items?" switch must be toggled on for this to be active)  
Approval for Item Creation and Changes? If disabled, Franchisee will NOT require approval for new items created or changed  (The "Franchisees can create their own items?" switch must be toggled on for this to be active)
Can change item name? Enables/Disables a franchisee's ability to edit the Name field, within "Manage Items"

Configuration Settings for POS

There are a number of Configuration Settings available to Franchisors from the POS Settings page. Each setting applies to the various aspects of the Point of Sale and need to be customized to ensure Franchisees and Facilities are prepared to manage and sell products and services. 

FCOS Look/Feel Updates 

The Configuration Settings section may look different from the image above but the settings available in this section are the same. This image will be updated as FCOS is updated.  


Configuration Settings Breakdown

Although most of the setting' names are straightforward with naming what each corresponds to, let's breakdown what each setting covers in a little more detail: 

Setting Description
Email Settings  Configure a unique footer for your email invoices
Item Categories  Setup your item category hierarchy and/or create new categories for your POS items
Item Rejection  Configure your reasons for denying an item submitted by a Franchisee (this setting is valid only if the "Franchisees can create their own items?" POS Setting is toggled ON)
Item Image Designation  Configure names and acceptable sizes for image to accompany POS items (e.g. Icon 64x64)

Continue Your Learning

Look for more articles and/or tutorial videos covering the configuration of each setting from the Point of Sale and/or Settings "Franchisors" documents or view all articles directly in FranchiCzar OS Settings