Adding new Custom Fields

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Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 26th, 2023

Custom Fields

The FranchiCzar OS "Settings" menu contains a number of options for users to customize their FCOS experience. Custom Fields empower FCOS users to set up additional fields used to gather and input detailed information on your Alliances, Franchisees, Facilities, and Customers. 


Franchisor vs. Franchisee Custom Fields

I am going through this process as a Franchisor. For Franchisees, the fields are limited to the "Customer" node. 


Expanding the "Settings" menu (from the left-hand vertical menu) select the Custom Fields option to add and manage your custom fields. 


Who is this for?

First, we need to select who these fields are for; this will help us to determine what type of "Custom Fields" we will configure. Use the dropdown menu (top left) to make your selection. I have selected the "Franchisee" node.

Adding a Group

Next, we want to add a "New Group". Click theText

Description automatically generated with medium confidence button (top right), to open a modal. Here we "name" the group of the custom fields we are creating. I named mine "Extra Lead Info.", so whoever wants to use these fields knows their intention.  

Adding Fields

Now we can start adding our "Custom Fields". Click the button, to expand the "Custom Fields" input bar.  

Step 1: Select Group 

Use the dropdown menu under GROUP to select the "New Group" that we just created (or what you have created).    

Step 2: Name Field 

Click into the box provided to NAME your field. I am adding this field to collect an "Alternate Phone #".

Step 3: Field Type 

Next, we want to select the TYPE of field we are creating. From the "name" of my field, I know that this will be a Phone entry.

Step 3: Where to Show Field 

Now we want to use the checkboxes to select where this field will show. I want mine to be available for both Leads and Active entries so, I checked both boxes.

Step 4: Confirm 

After you have entered all your information for the "Custom Field", click the green checkmark (far right of entry bar) to confirm your new field.


You can see this and all of your Custom Fields via the "Settings" menu. You can also edit and add more fields to a "Group" by clicking the button (on the far right) next to an entry.