FranchiCzar OS, Release Notes - 10/04/2022

FranchiCzar OS Release Update!

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 21st, 2022

What's New in FranchiCzar OS!

October 2022's major release included several updates and bug fixes. Here is the complete list followed by a breakdown of any new features: 

  • New Feature! Timelines and Checklists 
  • Updates to POS to include the option to create items to be sold to a Facility rather than a Customer
  • Update to payment processor transaction timing, to allow for a full day for a 1-day trial period
  • Fixes to refunds at the customer level 
  • Fixes to the process of adding a new payment method   
  • Fixes the UI of the Facility level calendar view 
  • Fixes to Invoice text and alignment 
  • Fixes and updates to the Item Management page and pop-up verifying who to sell to
  • Fixes to POS to allow adding a new customer during a purchase 
  • Fixes to the “Card Declined” pop-up dialog box displaying 

Timelines & Checklists 

This new feature added to FCOS in this release allows Broker, Franchisor, Franchisee, and Facility users to create Timelines and/or stand-alone Checklists. These Timelines and Checklists are configured with “tasks” and “actors” assigned to each task.    

Learn More About Timelines & Checklists

For more on how to utilize this new feature, check out these articles on Timelines & Checklists