FranchiCzar OS, Release Notes - 3/16/2022

FranchiCzar OS Release Update!

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 17th, 2023

What's New in FranchiCzar OS!

FranchiCzar is excited to announce the integration of the help.FCOS widget into the FCOS platform.


help.FCOS Widget 

You can now access materials to assist with your everyday FCOS task or learn more about something you may not be familiar with. Simply click on the widget to display materials relevant to what you are looking at in FCOS, use the built-in search feature, or click Visit Knowledge Base to visit the site and navigate everything available. If there is a process you can't find on the site, please click the Contact Us button and fill out a request for an article covering a process. 


Visit for More Details

The materials you see from the widget may not reflect all materials on a specific subject. Please visit the site directly for a more comprehensive catalog of materials. We will continue to improve the function of the in-app widget.