'Create a new Ticket', Workflow Action

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 13th, 2022

Get to Know the, "Create a new ticket" Action 

When creating a new Workflow you must set up a "Trigger" but you can also set up an Action(s) to occur when the triggering event happens.

The Create a new ticket Action is configurable to generate a new ticket within the FranchiCzar OS system upon the event of the specified trigger.

Let's break down the elements and configuration needed for this Action.

Action Elements

The "Create a new ticket" Action, just like most actions, has a number of configurable elements (image below) that affect things like when it occurs (immediate/delayed) and its specific content.  

Let's check out what elements the Create a new ticket Action includes: 

  1. Action selection (dropdown)
  2. Configure timing of Action delivery
  3. Select location to associate a ticket (dropdown)  
  4. Public/Private ticket (dropdown
  5.  Assign a priority to ticket (dropdown)
  6. Place the ticket in a category (dropdown) 
  7. Assign ticket to a user (dropdown) 
  8. Ticket Subject header 
  9. Content editor

Configuring Action 

All of the elements, described above, need attention for the Create a new ticket action to work, as intended (as shown above):

  1. Ensure the Create a new ticket action is selected from the dropdown ("A" above)
  2. Configure the timing, Immediately is the default ("B" above)
  3. Select a location, regarding the ticket ("C" above)
  4. Select if you would like this to be a Public or Private (Yes/No) ticket ("D" above) 
  5. Assign a Priority for this type of ticket ("E" above) 
  6. Select a Category for the ticket (e.g. FranchiCzar OS) ("F" above)  
  7. Assign tickets created by this action to a specific user ("G" above) 
  8. Provide a Subject for ticket created ("H" above) 
  9. Last, enter any general/specific content that you would like included in these tickets ("I" above) 

CONGRATULATIONS, you know how to use this Action.