'A Purchase Order is Expiring', Workflow Trigger

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 4th, 2023

Get to Know “a purchase order is expiring” Trigger

When creating a new Workflow setting up your "Trigger" is essential to ensuring that your Workflow runs as intended. 

The a purchase order is expiring Trigger looks for purchase orders (aka Invoices) sent out and have not been paid. Set this trigger to monitor aging purchase orders sent out either 15 or 30 earlier. 

Let's get into the options for configuring this trigger. 

Trigger Configurations 

There are three options for setting the configurations or “Conditions” for this trigger. 

Option 1

Simply selecting this trigger using no “conditions” will monitor all purchase orders that reach the status of “Expired”. When the purchase order's status reads as expired the workflow will perform the designated action. 

Option 2

Click the button and select either the sentFifteenDayAgo OR the sentThirtyDaysAgo from the options provided. Ensure that you also select true from the second dropdown.

Option 3

Click the button and select sentFifteenDayAgo add a second condition AND add the sentThirtyDaysAgo. Ensure that you also select true from the second dropdown for both of the “conditions” added.