'Send FCOS Notification', Workflow Action

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 16th, 2022

Get to Know the, "Send FCOS notification" Action 

When creating a new Workflow you must set up a "Trigger" but you can also set up an Action(s) to occur when the triggering event happens.

The Send FCOS Notification Action is configurable to send customized/templated notifications to a specified person/people within FranchiCzar OS.

Let's break down the elements and configuration needed for this Action.

Action Elements

The "Send FCOS notification" Action, just like most actions, has a number of configurable elements (image below) that affect things like when it occurs (immediate/delayed) and specific content.  

Let's check out what elements the Send FCOS notification Action includes: 

  1. Action selection (dropdown)
  2. Configure timing of Action delivery
  3. Icon Selection 
  4. Person/People to notify (dropdown)
    • Insert as many people as you like and/or need this notification
  5. Customize message

Configuring Action 

There are five (5) elements that need attention for the Send FCOS notification action to work, as intended (as shown above):

  1. Ensure the Send FCOS notification action is selected from the dropdown ("A" above)
  2. Configure the timing, Immediately is the default ("B" above)
  3. Select the desired icon you would like displayed with this notification ("C" above)
  4. Use the dropdown to select any person or people that need this notification ("D" above)
  5. And, supply the content for the notification ("E" above)

CONGRATULATIONS, you know how to use this Action.