Managing Invoices

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 20th, 2023

Invoice Management

Knowing what is paid and what needs to be paid is key to keeping on top of your business's financial success. FranchiCzar OS offers a way to quickly and intuitively view and manage all of your invoices. 

Invoice Management Feature

Expand the Point of Sale menu and click on Invoices to see everything you have out there. 

Here is a breakdown of what you see on the Invoices page:

  1. Show Expired Only - Check the box here to toggle your view
  2. Status Filters - Make selections to filter by a specific status 
  3. Export - Export all your invoices as a spreadsheet
  4. Number of Entries - Choose how many invoices you would like per/page
  5. Pages - Click to the next page of invoices

Status & Action Columns

Your Status column gives you a live update of a specific invoice's state. The Actions column displays what you are able to do with an invoice in a specific status. 

The table below outlines the corresponding "Status" with their "Actions". 

Status Action Description
Paid  Resend Receipt  After an invoice is “Paid” you are able to “Resend [a] Receipt” 
Sent           (Expires xx/xx/xx) Cancel Before an invoice expires you are able to “Cancel” 
Sent                       (Expired xx/xx/xx)   There is no action for an expired invoice 
Viewed                   (Expired xx/xx/xx)   There is no action for an expired invoice 
Canceled   If the “Cancel” action is used on a “Sent” invoice the status is updated 

Always Enhancing your Experience 

We are always working to enhance your FCOS features. Look for more ways to manage your invoices soon…