Browser Permissions to Allow Call Communications

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 13th, 2022

Browser Permissions

If you are having issues placing phone calls via the communications bar you may need to "allow" specific site permissions.


Setting Browser Permissions 

The following process is completed using the Google Chrome browser. 



Google Chrome is the recommended browser to operate FranchiCzar OS. 

Step 1: Setting Menu

Expand the Chrome menu (from top right) and select Settings.

Step 2: Privacy and Security Menu

Navigate to the "Privacy and security" option (on the left vertical menu) and click on Site Settings

Step 3: Viewing Site Permissions

Next, under your "Site Settings" navigate to and click on an option named View permissions and date stored across sites

Step 4: Search for FranchiCzar 

This expands all of the websites Chrome stores data and settings. In the "Search" bar, enter to narrow down the options to FCOS. 

Step 5: Viewing the Site's Permissions

Click on the option to display the permissions and settings for FCOS within Chrome. 

Step 6: Allowing your Microphone Access

To ensure that your calls will complete within FCOS select either Ask or Allow for the Microphone option. After this is selected, your Chrome setting is saved and you may close the "Settings" tab. You are now able to make phone calls via FCOS.



If you had your FCOS window open during this process please log out or close the window and navigate back to into FCOS, for the settings to take effect.