Navigating Your 'Financial Reports Overview' Report

User Guide

Written By John Beatty (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 16th, 2021

Financial Reports Overview

The Financial Reports Overview report is a snapshot annual view of monthly EBITDA totals. This snapshot report provides Franchisors visibility into each Facility associated to their brand. 

Clicking on Financial Reports Overview from the "Reports" menu (left-side) launches the report.  


Financial Reports Overview Columns

Let's breakdown what data is found in each column if the report:

Column Description
FACILITY Name of "facility" reporting financials 
FRANCHISEE Name of associated "franchisee" reporting financials
SOFT OPEN DATE Initial "soft open" of facility 
"MONTH" Indicates the month of financials reported (column for each month)

Financial Reports Overview Navigation

Here is a detailed breakdown of viewing the Financial Reports Overview window:

  1. Search Bar 
    1. Search for franchisee or facility by name 
  2. Year of report (dropdown)
  3. Select facility "Status" (dropdown)
  4. Download report (excel)
    1. Downloads everything shown from list
  5. Report columns
  6. Number of facilities listed on report
  7. Toggle to next/previous page